Tuesday, 25 February 2014

What makes a good logo?

When deciding on my production logo I created a mood board of different logo's to decide on what sort of logo's were popular. Also what kinds of colours they used and how relevant the logos were to a variety of different companies.

The coloured logo's are much more fun and more attractive. The basic black and white logo's tend to be for big more serious companies who have already established enough attention and customers and therefore don't need such a bright fully coloured logo. For example Sony have a very professional looking logo and also they are advertising to adults much more than children as children can't afford to but Sony goods alone. Adults therefore care less about bright exciting logo's and much more about the product. As well as they fact they do not want a bright inappropriate logo on their technology purchased from Sony. This is why I think my template logo of 'RWS Productions' is a good idea as the bright colours will attract audiences from a variety of differing age groups and it will not effect the quality or impact of the opening sequence as it just adds a quick fun, eye-catching moment towards the beginning.

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