Friday, 7 February 2014

Audience Research: How institutions target their audience

How do institutions target their audiences?

There are many ways in which the companies behind a film target their audiences. One way in which they do is by using visual art such as posters to attract certain people to watch their films. Posters are another way in which companies can pitch their production to the public. So what things do companies consider when giving another visual form of their product?

For example, this poster would be targeted to a female audience ranging from the ages 20 plus ideally. We can suggest this because of the title of the film'27 Dresses' and the pink font used to highlight the title from the credits. The writing forms the outline of a wedding dress which then confirms the film has a romantic theme.

In this poster , the theme of the film is reasonably obvious in many aspects. Both male and female are back to back which already suggest that they are in some form of relationship. Secondly the barb wired heart motif identifies that this is a romantic film but also gives the viewer the idea that the heart represents negativity in the relationship shown. The red font also can be linked to romance as the colour red is associated with love.

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