Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Opening Scene story line

After agreeing on the genre of our opening sequence, Alice , Taylor and I discussed our initial storyline to give us an indication of which direction we want our clip to go.

Our initial storyline:

-Two friends who seek 'love' begin to talk to there 'dream girl' until they find out they are talking to the same person

- The two leading males have very different personalities and views on life which makes it comical that they have fallen for the same girl.

- The girl who has been 'playing' both boys does not realise that they are friends.

- The girl can be seen as a 'player' which is unusual because in the majority of films a male would play this role because of social stereotypes.

- They eventually both find out that they are speaking to same girl and both confront her.

- During the story, there would be situations were both find out the truth but narrowly void this in comical scenes.


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