Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Mise en Scene in Opening Scene

Camera angels/shots

Various camera shots will needed to be established to help our opening scene effective. Certain situations in our sequence may include conversations or a lot of movement from a character which will then vary what angels and shots we use.


Editing is key as it has to help contribute to the authenticy of our opening scene, as we do not want it to come across as 'fake' or ineffective. Editing will help our opening scene transition from different scenes and situations shown in the clip.


Sound can be used to help complement the various scenes shown in the opening clip. Music also adds emphasis to the mood and emotions that may be shown within various different scenes in the opening.


Props are very effective as this will give the viewer a chance to make a judgement on various aspects of the opening scene. For example, characters can be potrayed because of their clothes,which then can lead to other perceptions such as class and wealth.

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