Friday, 21 March 2014

Evaluation : Question 7

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this project?

Through filming our opening sequence I have realized that filming scenes in the correct way and using the camera and editing it in the best way takes a lot of time and concentration. Evidenced also by our preliminary, perfect editing takes concentration and time. Also technology isn't always reliable as we have had to re-upload film clips multiple times after uploading has proved unreliable at certain times. Also we have realised that lots of time is needed to complete the filming and editing process and it is something that cannot be rushed as mistakes will be made.

Evaluation : Question 6

Looking back at your back preliminary task(the continuity editing task), what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to full product?
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Evaluation : Question 5

Evaluation : Question 4

Below is our survey that we handed out to around:
Although it's basic we wanted to keep it short so that we got the exact information we needed.

Question 3 continued

Evaluation : Question 3

Question 2 continued

Evaluation Question 2

How does your media product represent particular social groups?

In our opening sequence all of the characters are in their early 20's. In a comical way it presents the naivity of young love as young people make a lot of mistakes while meeting and choosing the right people to trust in life. It is relatable to many teenagers and young adults as each character shows relatable reactions and emotions which this type audience can understand. Our media piece also represent the modern era and how technology plays a massive part everyday life. For example mobile phones are used by the female in our opening sequences to have a relationship with two boys which effects how the story line plans out.

The use of technology allows how her to manipulate both boys as they are oblivious to their situations which agains shows how our interaction with each other as people has changed due to the progression of technology. You could therefore suggest that our film represents the issues surrounding young relationships in the 21st century.

Evaluation Question 1

Final Opening Sequence (Dating Sam)

How has this improved our Opening sequence

Changing location helped our filming run a lot more smoothly and therefore we was able to make the most of filming time. We had less disruption from the general public as we were in a more reserved, quieter area which overall helped with sound and quality of our film. Also the lighting did not effect our film too much and we was able to get many successful shots that played a pivotal role when editing our film. Our new location also gave us options in which we could change certain scenes which all help to making our opening sequence better than what it would had been if we used our previous location.

How do the changes made affect our Opening sequence

New Location
Keston Ponds - We decided on our new location as it was much quieter and the scenery was a lot more complimentry to our storyline because it wasn't as hectic and busy as our last location. We did not have to worry about the extra noise that we could encounter with the public such as cars and pedestrians. With less of the public around this means that the viewer will also be watching more of what our actual characters are doing rather than being distracted by other members of the public being in our film. 

Major changes in our Opening scene

After reviewing our opening sequence as a whole while in the process of editing it, we decided to not to change some intergal aspects of  our clip. As a group , myself , Taylor and Alice decided to change the location of our film and aspects of our scripts in order to make the direction of our plot clearer.

Reasons for change:

- We decided that our range of camera shots were limited and therefore didn't make our film as effective as it could have been.

- A lack of complimenting music in our film  needed to be added as we realise that at some parts of our film would be helped by sound so that viewers did not loose disinterest.

- The fluency of piece was also a worrying thing as the storyline did not flow or make entire sense when watching it as a finished product.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Costume and Props

This is the costume I had chosen to wear for my own particular character. I  chose to wear plain clothing as I think that this represented my character best as he is the male who is fairly sensible and intelligent. Plain clothing also does not give away a lot about the character as they costume chosen is not flashy or have any prints or patterns on the clothing to suggest that my character is an outlandish or quirky person through his choice of clothes.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Final Title

'Dating Sam; is the title

How do you come up with a Title?

Initial Title Ideas

When thinking of titles, there was a few things that we wanted to take in to account. We didn't want our title to be too long which could make our title ineffective. We therefore decided that our title would have between 2-4 words. After thinking of various names , these are the final 4 we decided to choose from.

1)Chasing Samantha

2)The Same Samantha

3)Two Friends, One Sam

4)Dating Sam

Independent Studios

Existing Independent Studio

What is an Independent Studio?

Independent studio are often small companies that are privately owned.

Working Title

Working Title is an independent film studio based in London. Films such as Billy Elliot and Four Weddings have been produced by them. They have been running since 1983.

Final Title

'Chasing Sam' is the final title we agreed on as a group. We chose this title because it is what we want our title to be which is short and effective. We shortened the name of the female lead in(our opening scene) our title from 'Samantha' to 'Sam' so that it is more simple and not as long winded to say.

Final Character Profiles

In the script we are referring to ourselves with our real names, but we will have different names in the play. We are in our early 20's and are all middle-class. Louis is called Jerry, I'm called Samantha and taylor is called Tom.

Both of the boys used to be friends at college. They left not so long ago so when they bump into each other they quickly begin chatting again as if they were never parted. This is mostly helped by Tom's outgoing personality.

Jerry - He is quiet and reserved. He is an introvert who spends times with friends, but reads alot and think of himself as quite intelligent. He is an opposite to Tom.

Tom - He is an Extrovert who is outgoing and friendly. He is just as intelligent as Jerry, but it is understated. He socialises a lot and his friends are the most important thing to him.

Samantha - She is an instantly dislikable girl who is stuck-up and impatient. She has played Tom and Jerry, but act as if there is no problem with it. She doesn't even appear guilty before her secret is exposed proving that she's a selfish girl with no concern for Tom or Jerry's feelings. She is too relaxed for her own good.

Story Board

This is just an idea of how one of our scenes will look. At this point both males will be entering the restaurant/cafe at the same time to find out surprisingly that they are meeting the same girl.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Initial Script

First person to appear on screen is Me.

Taylor: Where are you? (i appear on the phone)

Louis: I'm on my way, chill out, how far are you?

Alice: I'm here just call me when you're here.

Louis and Taylor: Alright.

(Both boys are walking towards each other and are surprised to see each other) 

Louis: Long time.

Taylor: I haven't seen you in ages!

Louis: I know mate you've gone missing.

Taylor: Haha how have you been man?

Louis: I've been good thanks where are you off to?

Taylor: Just off to meet the Mrs!

Louis: What? since when?!

Taylor: It's been a few weeks mate, I think she's the one!

Louis: Funny you've said that, cause i've found someone too.

Taylor: Yeah mate thats good to hear.

(Music starts to play as both boys continue to walk with each other, The scene changes to Alice waiting in the restaurant/cafe) 

Alice: (on the phone) Yeah I'm meeting Taylor now and Louis later, Ha don't worry they'll never find out.

(both boys walk in to the restaurant/cafe still oblivious to what will happen)

Taylor and Louis: well i'll catch you later

Alice: Oh god, i gotta go (puts the phone down)

(both boys walk in to the restaurant/cafe still oblivious to what will happen)

Taylor and Louis: well i'll catch you later

Alice: Oh god, i gotta go (puts the phone down)

(Taylor and Louis realize what is going on as they both look at Alice and then each other in shock. Alice's facial expression is panicked)