Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Star Trek Opening Scene


00:12 - Paramount Pictures
00:31 - Spyglass Entertainment
00:47 - Bad Robot
1:00 - 11:43 - Full opening scene of film
11:43 - Film title

In contrast to the other opening scenes/sequences , the production team behind the film Star Trek took a different route in the way in which they introduced the  film and institutions behind the project. The other opening scenes I analysed have established the importance of the institutions , actors and actresses that hold a  role in the film by displaying this some form in the opening 2-3 minutes. The beginning of the film does follow what I had seen in the other opening sequences by showing what companies were behind the film. Paramount Pictures appeared first which can suggest that this is seen as the biggest company backing the film, followed by Spyglass Entertainment and Bad Robot. After the first 47 seconds , the opening scene becomes far from similar to the others I have watched. Between 1:00 - 11:43 , there is a full action packed scene which encounters a lot of extra's and supporting characters die. This is significant as at that point we have not seen the title of the film,which could suggest many things. The late arrival of the title of the film , could suggest that the film producers felt that they did not need to display the title too early because of the audience they are  targeting. The majority of the target audience would be fans of the tv version of Star Trek , so therefore they do not need to state the obvious early on. Another reason why they left to display the title after 11 minutes is because it adds emphasis to the fact it is Star Trek film not an episode from the tv series. Also the use of the battleship fight scenes, keeps the attention of the audience compared to other opening scenes that can be quiet boring or simple.

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