Monday, 11 November 2013

Analysis of Opening scenes of film: Toy story

When choosing what opening scenes to analyze,I decided that I would look at three films from various genres in the industry. The first opening scene I chose to analyze is the popular child animation film, Toy Story. The first shot is of the main character, Woody laying on the floor with plastic body parts around him. This already suggest the playful theme behind the film. The first vocal text shown in a shot in the first 4 seconds says,' Walt Disney Picture presents' which already indicates how much influence and power Walt Disney as a company, had behind the film. As the scene continues , the role of Woody is gradually shown, which then leads to emergence of the film title,'Toy Story'. This is important as this shows how the production team behind the film think is the most important force that brought the film together as they are listed first.

The use of various camera shots are like point of view are used to give the viewer another perspective through another example. For example, when Andy(the boy) watches Woody slide down the bannister at 44 seconds, you are shown it as how he would view it. This is then used effectively to then incorporate more text stating important people/companies who produced the film. Every time there is interaction between the two characters in the opening scene, text is shown after. This happens 8 times throughout the clip. The opening scene portrays a warm family orientated film which makes this appealing for all young viewers.

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