Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Music in opening title sequences

One good example that shows how music is created and written to match the theme of the film it features is the anthem Skyfall by Adele. The song opens with a low calm pitch and gradually becomes a dramatic piece with various instruments being played as the singer, Adele, changes pitch of her voice in various ways. There is also a choir which adds a certain effect to the Orchestra  in this song which again connects with the film which is quiet theatrical because it is an action/thriller. Towards the end, all the important aspect of the song merge together to bring one dramatic finish which can match the end or most important scene in the film. This could be a pivotal fight scene or death of a character.

The song Lose Yourself by Eminem , is a gritty, emotional soundtrack which summarises the film based on his life. The song epitomises what the whole film is about, as he this describes the struggles and problems he's had to overcome in his life. The song delivers a message that is portrays through the film. The chorus is the most engaging and important part of the song as the tempo rises and the pitch of the voice and instruments become louder and more on the edge.

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