Saturday, 23 November 2013

Opening Sequences: Initial ideas

After looking at various comedy films and genres, my group collectively decided that we would looked to film are opening scene under the genre of romantic comedy. Now that this is decided we can now as a group identify key aspects of these films such as production etc:

When thinking about how we could make a successful opening sequence for a romantic comedy, a few questions were asked.

- What is classed as a romantic comedy?
- What do you usually expect to see in romantic comedy?
- What are the types of story lines do you usually find in these films?
- What type of characters are in these films?
- What type of situations are placed in these type of films? Are they complicated or simple?
- Are romantic comedies predictable
- Do they always have happy endings?Do all the main characters end up in love?
- What type of probs are used?
- Is the appearance of each character important to the story line? e.g clothes and personna

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