Monday, 11 November 2013

Audience reaction: The positives and negatives after the release of a film.

When looking at opening title sequences I looked at some of the reactions and feedback for the films I anaylsed. The film Django Unchained is a good example of how a successful film can still come under so skepticism after its release. After the release of this film, legendary director Spike Lee, blasted the film on social network Twitter, stating that he would not watch the film because it was disrespectful to his ancestor and anyone that lost their live during the period of slavery. You could say that this opinion of the film is hard to justify because of the success of the film , which suggest that the majority of people did not have a problem with the context of the film. Despite the popularity, the institution behind the film will be aware of the issue, especially as the comments are from a highly respected director.

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