Monday, 11 November 2013

Analysis of Opening scene : Spiderman

The second opening of a film I decided to analyse was the opening of Spiderman. Within the first 6 seconds the first title shown. "Columbia Pictures presents", instantly we know the company who are behind the production of the film with this text emerging from a gloomy background. The next text to appear in the clip is again stating the various companies involved in making the film which in this case is Marvel Enterprises and Lauren Ziskin Production. The use of graphical spider webs and dramatic music already give away integral parts of the identity of the film which is Spiderman. The rest of the clip then lists all the actors/actresses involved with the film and then the directors and production team. At this stage it does not give away any of the story line for the film or give the audience any indication of what will happen. The opening sequence for this particularly simple and isn't the most entertaining for the audience compared to the other two clips I analyse. This could suggest that the production team behind the film didn't see the opening credits as an important part of the the film.

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